Bob Trunchion

Bob Trunchion heads up tax training at MacIntyre Hudson and lectures on a wide range of tax subjects.

Whilst Bob qualified in the audit department of a big four firm, he soon moved to their Corporation Tax Department. His move to MHA MacIntyre Hudson has, perforce, rounded off his tax knowledge. As well as advising clients on a consultancy basis, Bob is involved in tax training not only within MHA MacIntyre Hudson and MHA but to clients and also to many accountants and solicitors throughout the country. Whilst he is involved in training, he has appeared on national radio and television talking about tax. He has lectured on a range of subjects including the tax implications of buying and selling companies, pensions, capital taxes planning, trusts and PI problems. He is also a specialist in a number of sectors such as solicitors, farmers and the medical profession. Bob believes that simple solutions are often the best ones with taxation.

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