50 Advanced Techniques For Creating Inspirational Spreadsheets - Recorded Online Course.

Recorded Online Course





Simon Hurst


The course is designed to address some more advanced Excel features and capabilities that will be of use to those working with financial data. Some significant new features in recent versions of Excel will be covered, but most of the course will be relevant to users of any Excel version. The intention is to cover areas that provide real practical benefits including making spreadsheets more automatic, more reliable and also increasing their impact through improved presentation.

This is delivered as an online course using a narrated, high-definition screen recording. This allows an individual to access the course from anywhere, as often as they like, for as long as they like, within the month. Full notes are provided together with a comprehensive practice workbook and also email access to the speaker to answer queries. 

The examples are based on the latest version of Excel but where an earlier version (2007 onwards) differs substantially this will be highlighted on the course. The course is based on the use of Excel for Windows rather than Excel for Mac and, although the content might still be useful for Mac users, they should ensure that any key features are available in the version that they are intending to use.


The course will assume a familiarity with some Excel subjects, e.g.:

  • Absolute and relative cell references
  • Excel functions such as IF(), VLOOKUP(), SUMIF()
  • Basic chart creation
  • Basic PivotTables

This course is suitable for the levels “General User to Developer” under the ICAEW IT Faculty Spreadsheet Competency Framework. For more information visit www.icaew.com/en/technical/information-technology/excel/spreadsheet-competency-framework.
Previous attendance on any existing SESCA Excel courses, or other similar courses, should provide adequate preparation for this course. If you already use complex financial functions, understand array formulae, make extensive use of Excel form tools including PivotTables and write or edit VBA code then the course may well be of limited benefit to you.


  • Advanced use of functions – including using apparently simple functions to save hours of manual effort
  • Excel formulae and techniques – including array formulae, alternatives to array formulae, advanced aspects of range names
  • Macros and Visual Basic. Creating user defined functions, editing and writing macros. Increasing interactivity and automating spreadsheets with macros.
  • Data analysis tools – working efficiently with external data and using extended data tools and PivotTable features
  • Superpower functions – the functions with hidden powers that can revolutionise your use of Excel
  • Presentation – improving general spreadsheet presentation and making charts better. Using the latest Excel graphics features to create inspirational spreadsheets
  • How Power Query changes everything. Excel without formulae


This is a 3 hour recorded online course accessed via the SESCA website: This recorded online course will be available anytime with one month’s access.


South East


£110+VAT. (click here for information on the Flexiticket discount scheme - fees as low as £60.00+VAT per place). The courses ‘Why Power Query is the most important Excel development ever’, 'Good Spreadsheet practice', 'Using the Latest Versions of Excel to Revolutionise Your Spreadsheets',  ‘50 Advanced Techniques for Creating Inspirational Sreadsheets‘,  'More Power to your Pivot' and 'Essential Word Productivity Skills and Techniques for Accountants'  if booked individually are available to IT Faculty members  for £60+VAT each.

Course fee
with 25 place

£60.00 +VAT